6 questions to ask your children’s photographer

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When is the best time to come for a photoshoot?

There are many answers to this question.

If you are coming for a studio session then the best time of day is entirely dependent on you and your children and their routine. You'll know best if the morning kids or afternooners. Angel Images offers sessions from 10am to 6pm by appointment so im sure we can always find a time to suit. If your wee ones are still at the stage when they nap in the daytime then the best option is to come after nap time when they are awake and ready to play.

If we are planning an outdoor shoot then we are at the mercy of the weather and the sunshine. In general I try to avoid the hours between 11am and 2pm for outdoor shoots because the light is just awful and very unflattering. We might get away with these times in the winter when the  sun isn't so high in the sky.

The best time regarding age is any time! Milestones are always nice to document. Events like first birthday, starting school or nursery, starting secondary school, starting university but really any time you look at your children and think they're growing up too fast and you want to cherish this moment in time, that's the best time to come for a photoshoot.


How long does a photoshoot take?

In general most photoshoots take about an hour to an hour and a half. For small children it might be a shorter time. The whole idea is that we have fun so I'll always stop as soon as they get fed up.

An hour is usually plenty of time to  create about 20 to 30 images however if you feel an hour might be too long for your wee one then you could book a mini session which is only 30 minutes long. its designed with toddlers in mind and is all about having fun while capturing all their great expressions.

How much will it cost?

Aha! The infinite  question. It depends. It depends on your photographer and the service you want. If you just want somebody to take a few snaps and deliver them digitally to you with  minimal editing and very little service conatct then you probably won't expect to pay very much. However if you are looking for a photographer who will guide you through a whole process to help you create some art for your walls then you would probably expect to pay much more.

At Angel Images we try to remain as affordable as possible while offering you a first class service and range of products. Most people pay between £200 and £500 for their images however there is really nothing to stop you having a wee taster session with one of our specials which are usually £35 and include one mounted print. The only difference the is that we don't do the consultation as you will be coming along to a pre styled event - either back to school or christmas.

If you want a better idea of costs here is a link to our pricing page

What should my children wear?

We will discuss clothing at your consultation but as a general rule its best to avoid really bright colours or big logos. These can be very detracting. after all the portrait is all about the child not about what they are wearing. Timeless classics are often your best bet. Jeans or Chinos with a shirt for boys and simple dresses and cardigans for girls however this isnt set in stone and a lot of what you will chose to wear will depend on the style of photograph you want. You may want something more fashion styled with a hoodie and skateboard or perhaps you like vintage with lacy frocks and flower crowns. Whatever your style we will be sure to discuss it so that you get the exact photographs that you want in order to tell your children's story.

I also keep a selection of clothing at the studio to use for styled shoots and some of the events such as christmas and valentines day. When you come for your consultation you are welcome to look through the collection and see if anything sparks your interest or imagination.

When will I see my  images?

I aim to have your images ready for viewing within a week. Normally we will schedule your viewing and ordering apointment straight after your photoshoot if we havent already scheduled it at the consultation. Viewing appointments can be made for day time or evening which means we can work around your shift patterns and days off. The viewing appointment usually takes about anf hour but don't worry theres no hard sell. You can choose as much or as little as you like and theres always plenty of tea and coffee and biscuits to keep you going.

When will my products be ready?

Usually 4 weeks after ordering, often earlier but every so often there are hiccups either with me, the lab or the framer (usually me!) I will start working on your prints as soon as you've ordered and expect them back from the lab within  a week and then it usually takes another couple of weeks for framing or mounting.

If you would like more information about our children's photoshoots contact us

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