Angel Images is the international award winning photographer near Glasgow.


We specialise in baby photography and children’s portraiture.

and that gets the SEO nonsense out of the way. Now you  can really find out what we’re all about.

Things I love and things I do

First of all I’m a mum of two darling children (oops went all mumsnet there!) My children drive my inspiration. I would not watch the things on TV that they watch and I’m sure my life is richer for having Lego Ninjago and My Little Pony in my life.  I still do not understand Minecraft, luckily we are on to the next craze. Pokemon is it?  As what would be classed an ‘older’ mum, (seriously I don’t know what they mean I’m only 47) having a 10 year old boy and a 7 year old girl does keep me young.

As well as taking photographs I also love to sew and crochet. A lot of the props for my themed photoshoots are created by me. I find the creativity of the two mediums go hand in hand. Sometimes I’ll be making a costume that will inspire a photoshoot other times I’ll have a photoshoot idea and then come up with costumes to make. It’s all terribly therapeutic.

Qualifications and Awards

Oh yes I won an award. A really big award. A couple of years ago I was awarded the Society of Wedding and Portrait photographers ultimate accolade. Photographer of the Year in bump and baby photogrpahy. I have a lovely crystal trophy which you can see when you come to the studio.

I hold  a Licentiate in portrait photography. This is the first rung on the ladder of proffessional qualifications and to be honest it’s teh most important one. It tests your skills as a marketable photographer and that’s all that really matters in running a photography business. I am planning on getting my Associate qualification very soon.

I do continuous professional development (training in other words!) with the head honcho at Olympus UK, Damian McGillicuddy.

Weird other stuff

I used to fix aeroplanes. Really big aeroplanes but that was over 20 years ago so you’re  probably safe to fly off on your hols now. When I stopped playing with spanners and rivets I started teaching pilots all about their aeroplanes. Those guys are still flying (except the retired ones who are probably out on a golf course somewhere).

I can tap dance – been on the stage – there’s a video somewhere but not on you tube thank goodness.

My favourite book is ‘Swallows and Amazons’. I so wanted to be Nancy Blacket. It’s been years since I sailed and if I remember rightly the last time I did  the wind dropped and it was an awfully long way rowing back across Hickling Broad in Norfolk.