Shooting my sister!

New headshots needed!

Losing 5 stone means it’s time to experience new makeover photoshoot service

One of the new services we will be offering shortly is fantastic pampering makeover photoshoot service. The old kitchen is now just an empty shell with a boiler but I have big plans for it. It will become an oasis of calm and tranquility where my make-up artists will perform their magic to enhance your features and make you more you. However, at the moment the makeover service is still ‘in beta’ as the web folks say.

But I’ve not been idle, while the makeup room is transformed I’m working on a portfolio of photographs of ordinary women and one of those ordinary women was my  gorgeous little sister. Haha, she’s only a year younger than me but it’s funny to call her my wee sister. However for years she was actually my ‘big’ sister.

Susan had always been a bit on the big side despite being fairly active. Motherhood and the ‘forties’ had taken their toll as well and over the years she had found her weight creeping up and up.

Last year she decided enough is enough! She joined Slimming World in Kilwinning and has lost a whopping 5 stone. I can’t believe how fantastic she looks.

I usually have to beg my sister to model for me but this time she was happy to be one of my makeover portfolio girls. She’s not a natural model and gets nervous in front of the camera (don’t we all!) so yes there are a lot of out-takes with funny expressions and blinks. I think it’s probably harder modelling for your sister than a complete stranger and we laugh too much in between shots because getting into the poses is just hilarious. But I think you’ll agree despite all the madness she does look stunning in these images.

The other reason I ask my sisters to model for me is for purely selfish means. In this digital age we take a lot of pictures – selfies, nights out, at events you name it there’s a photographic record. but these pictures don’t get printed, they just exist on a card or in a phone. I have a mission to have prints of my sisters and my cousins and my nieces and nephews so that when my kids have kids of their own they can find an old shoebox and marvel at what we wore and how we looked.



lady in blue lace dress sitting on a vintage couch

Easter already!!!

fashion style image with bunny ears

Easter Already!!!

Ok so the image above wasn’t shot recently – but it’s a great image for an Easter blog post don’t you think. Shooting fashion is great fun and soon I’ll be offering supermodel styled sessions to everybody. i’m working on a great portfolio at he moment with women who are just like you – just great mums, or hard working business owners, or entrpreneurs or volunteers. With this new service you can all be Supermodels for a day. Look out for the big competition launch.


Anyway – here’s a round-up of some of the things I’ve been up to. It’s been a fun 3 or 4 months.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some old clients from when the studio was in Beith. Ayrshire, I also had a great time photographing one very lucky wee boy with his grandparents.

In February I invited Laura and Darrin back to the studio with their 3 gorgeous children and in March I saw the return of Luke Danskin Psychic medium to the Beacon.

I’ve also had the winner and some runners up from the Blue Monday facebook competition that I ran in January. I had great fun designing their photoshoots in the new timeless style

And finally – my little Lara posed for me for the start of what I hope will eventually end up as my Associate panel for the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and the National Photographic Society.

father with newborn baby girlA love like no other

Total adoration flowing between dad and daughter.
Adele and Luca have just had a brand new baby daughter Alessia,  adding a sister for their 3 year old girl Analucia. It was a treat to see how lovely and grown up  Ana is now and I think her sister is going to be just as wonderful.

portrait of granddad with grandsonGrandpa’s boy

Rory turned 1 in November and David and Naeomi thought it would be lovely to remember this time by having some gorgeous keepsake photographs taken with each of their parents. I can tell this boy is going to be spoiled rotten – but hey that’s what grandparents are for!

It was so nice to meet Rory’s grandparents and to see Rory again. We did the shoots over a two week period and in that time Rory learned to walk by himself. This is what photographs are for – to record all those milestones.

girl lying in wicker chair Sara moon style

 New product coming soon

Laura is such a great advocate of the studio that I thought she should be the first person to test out my new product.I asked her along to create some styled images that we could then print and have hardboard mounted by my local framer and presented in a bespoke locally handmade wooden box  with a small easel to display each print.

The boxes will hold up to 10 images and will make a stunning addition to your home decor. I hope to pick up the prototype of the box next week  so look out for photos on the facebook and instagram pages


Luke Danskin

When I did his head-shots late last year Luke had mentioned something about having some stage shots taken. Well we did it. Yes folks I stood on stage – a thing I’ve not done since I stopped tap dancing about 11 years ago. What a scary, exciting rush!



  girl lying in a bed of flowers

Blue Monday Competition winner

Maureen won my Blue Monday competition back in January. She decided to bring her gorgeous grand daughter Amy to a styled fineart meets fashion photoshoot. Styled photoshoots are a great way for you to get some really original and timeless art. All you need to do is answer a few questions and I go off and source outfits and props to create your original piece. Amy had a lot of fun playing dress up and pretending to be a fashion model for the day and her gran has a beautiful 24 inch framed print to remember her grand-daughter. I’m sure this will be come an heirloom piece.

girl in tulle dress playing the violin

girl with violin in black and white photographed through netting

 The start of my Associate panel (perhaps?)

I’m very lucky to have a willing model in my own daughter. I can’t always persuade her to come and play but when she does we always create magic. This image was a test of an idea I’d like to develop for my Associate panel. I don’t know where it will lead to eventually. All I know at the moment is that it will involve stringed instruments ie violin, cello, maybe piano and guitar a little movement and a fine art feel with textures and overlays like netting over the lens or in front of the subject. I’d love to shoot it on film but I think my darkroom is a long way off being built.

 Fathers day  – June 18th 2017

Just a heads up! It will be here before you know it. Look out for my competition to create a special art piece for your favourite man – I’ll make it so that he can have it on all his gadgets too!

Happy New Year Happy New you?

New Year    New You    New York?

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and that getting back to normal hasn’t been too tough.

girl with 2016 and 2017 number cards to welcome the new year

Not service as usual!

Traditionally January is the time to set new goals for yourself in the up coming year.  We’re all fired with enthusiasm and maybe on a bit of a sugar high from all the Christmas sweeties. Do you have any interesting goals for 2017?

One of the plans for the Angel Images studio is to eventually get my make-up and changing room created. At the moment it’s still a kitchen but Greenock Cricket club  have kindly offered to take the kitchen stuff off my hands for their pavillion. My head is full of ideas for how I’d like to style it. I saw some great lamps at a craft fair made from copper pipe which made me think I’d like to decorate it in an ‘industrial chic’ sort of style. I think my aircraft engineering days will always have an effect on me!

So with the new dressing room I’ll be able to offer a brand new service. If you follow my facebook page you’ll know I’ve been working with the student make-up artists at West college Scotland for sometime now. Well I think it’s time to open up their talents to you. From the spring of 2017 I will be offering make-over and fashion photoshoots at the studio. These will be real pampering sessions to make you feel and look a million dollars.   Look out for a great competition for a mum and daughter session and some model calls as I’ll need some great marketing materials.

Photographer glasgow Black and white portrait emphasising the eyesfashion photography glasgow, makeover photography glasgow

Update your personal brand

So what else is new this New Year?
Well what about you?
Is it time to update your business headshots?

A great headshot on your website or brochures can really help your clients to get to know you. As we all know ‘people buy people’.
I recently had the absolute pleasure of  updating psychic medium Luke Danskin’s head shots. I must admit I expected him to turn up in robes with a crystal ball (too much Harry Potter perhaps!) but no, he was very ordinary and yet I could tell that his gift brings great comfort to a lot of people.
He will be performing at the Beacon in Greenock this spring. Go and see him if you get the chance. Even if he doesn’t get contacted by anybody you know, you’ll have a great night just by being in his company.

_dsc4511Headshot of psychic medium Luke Danskin_dsc4527

January photo tips

Well believe it or not the short days when the sun doesn’t get so high in the sky and the overcast conditions are perfect outdoor portrait weather. The light is diffused and even which creates lovely soft shadows on the subjects face. Why not go out and try it. Have the sun at a 45 degree angle to your subject and just see what happens.

As the nights draw in quite early – a fun trick to do with your camera and kids (big ones included!)  is light painting. It’s really easy and lots of fun. Simply set your camera on manual, set the aperture to about f:8 or f:11 and set a  long shutter speed on your camera, pop it on a  tripod or other stable surface and let your subject doodle with a torch or sparklers. If you’re writing words just remember to write the words backwards! Ciaran had a go at New year – we used a 4 second exposure which just let a wee bit of the ambient light in

.light painting number two    lightpainting number zero 1 7

Coming attractions – Valentine mini sessions

I know it’s only just January but Valentines day is coming soon. (it’s two days after mine and Mr Angel’s 12th wedding anniversary eeeek!)

Have you thought about doing anything special this year. We’ll be running some Valentine themed mini sessions at the studio on the 29th January.

Mini sessions are short and sweet and a whole lot of fun. Each session is only about 20 – 30 minutes long and your child will have a fantastic time playing with the valentine themed props. Our mini sessions are only £49 and include a single digital download image of your choice.

Only 10 sessions will be available on the 29th so call 07932 764963 or email  to make your booking now

girl looking down at a string of crochet hearts_dsc1651e_dsc1688e

And Finally!

Mr Angel did a very special thing between Christmas and New Year. He took me for a day trip to New York. Seriously a day trip! It was lovely to see the lights and displays in all the big shops and to have a wander round Grand Central station and Central park. It was super busy tho with folks travelling in and out of the city. It also gave me a chance to play with my  little Olympus camera. One of my favourite techniques is to use a slow shutter speed. I love how the moving people are almost ghost like blurs which make the people standing still pop out.

Mr Angel did a very special thing between Christmas and New Year. He took me for a day trip to New York. Seriously a day trip! It was lovely to see the lights and displays in all the big shops and to have a wander round Grand Central station and Central park. It was super busy tho with folks travelling in and out of the city. It also gave me a chance to play with my  little Olympus camera. One of my favourite techniques is to use a slow shutter speed. I love how the moving people are almost ghost like blurs which make the people standing still pop out.Silhouettes walking past the windows at Grand Central station New York busy Blur at Grand Central stationice skating on he frozen pond at Central park New York

Bridal photographs for make-up artists

Classic make-up for bridal photography

Well it’s that time of the year when the student makeup artists from  West college Scotland Greenock campus start looking for photographers to shoot their portfolio. As usual, one of the first tasks is to create a bridal look. Bridal make-up is deceptively difficult. The Make-up has to be sympathetic to the dress and also reflect the style of the wedding. This weeks ‘bride’ wore a traditional beaded gown so Lee Dempster, the make-up artist created a classic look. It took her about two and a half hours to produce this natural flawless look. Make-up artists will tell you that one of the hardest looks to get right is the ‘natural ‘look.

Studio shots

We started with some straightforward shots in the studio. Although, maybe not so straightforward. The dress was a tad tight for the model so the poor girl was a bit restricted in her movements.  I had to be very careful with posing, so as not to ruin her modesty. I think adding the veil in the later shots  was a master stroke by Lee and I love the shots with the veil over the face.

photographer_glasgow-studio-bride-with-veil bride standing against a brick wall in a provocative pose

Outside the mariners home

Eventually the weather cleared up enough (it was still a bit ‘smirry’!) for us  to vebride posing outside the mariners home in Greenocknture outside. First stop was The mariners home   The mariners home  was bequeathed by Sir Gabriel Wood in the mid 19th century. The home has delightful gothic charm despite only being built in the 1850’s and it is literally at the end of my road. It was shift change time at the carehome so we gave the workers a bit of excitement. Especially when the reflector went flying off in the wind.















Lyle Kirk


bridal pobridal portrait with bride in the arch door of a church

Next stop was the Lyle kirk where we made good use of an arched door to the side of the church just beside the bins. I think using a church in bridal model shoots adds a bit of authenticity to the shoots. We didn’t stay out long because it was absolutely freezing and the poor model had bare arms. It was also starting to get a bit late and dark. (It gets dark in Greenock just after 3.30pm at the moment and we’re not that far north really.) And although I was using flash to light the model I was also using the ambient light to light the scene. It’s one of my favourite techniques.

Lighting set up

For any photographers who read my blog, due to the cold and wind this was a one extra light set up. My trusty SB600 flash was used. This time not in full manual as I normally do but in Commander mode using the hotshoe mounted flash to sigmal the speedlight. I decided on this technique for a couple of reasons. One: I need to get more familiar with it. I am totally happy with setting up flashes manually with a lightmeter and balancing for ambient.  I like the control! But, I know there will be times when understanding the commander mode for off camera flash will be useful. Ie when I can’t meter or just for speed. Anyway, it never hurts to have a couple of aces up your sleeve. The flash was bounced in a brolly to spread and soften the light. In most cases the light was feathered across the face although the wind made it difficult to keep the brolly in the optimum position all the time.

All in all, we had a great day even if we did get a bit cold and wet at the end.


Back to school photographs

Back to School photographs

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Our ‘Back to School’ sessions are running until the end of August. Just click on the link above to Contact Us 


Our mini sessions are great value at only £35 for a fast and fun half hour shoot and your favourite image printed onto archival paper and mounted  in a desk frame.

Special package price

If you would like more images from your session then our 5 image package which includes 5 hi resolution images of your choice and 5 sharing resolution digitial files on a heart shaped USB and 5,  6 inch mounted prints  in a presentation box.  Normally this package is valued at £195 but for this special promotion it is reduced to only £125.

Is your little one starting school this year? I can’t believe mine are going into P6 and P4.  It hardly seems any time at all when I was looking for Ciaran’s first uniform and now I’ve just bought new school shoes for him that are the same size feet as mine!

boy in school uniform on pile of books think bubble with chalk writing

I wish I’d made the time when mine were both little to have taken their back to school portraits properly.

(I do have the cheesy phone pics of them standing on the doorstep)  However, like all mums, even photographer mums who should know better, time just passes by and before you know it school has started and the new shoes are scuffed, the new trousers have a hole in them and goodness only knows where the tie has gone.

schoolboy with tie round his head

Every year I promise I’ll get it done. Last year I did actually manage it but only because our  school started two days later than everybody else!

Have a look here and here

Don’t be a mum like me- get those memories made before your little ones are too big

Contact Us now to book your session or call 07932 764963












Autumn a time for taking gorgeous photographs


Autumn magic


“Aye the night’s are fair drawing in” in other words autumn is upon us

Well at last up here in Greenock we are seeing the sun. After such a dismal summer this beautiful autumnal glow is fairly lifting the spirits.  Autumn is by far my favourite time of the year. I love wearing boots and hats and scarves and wrapping up cosy and I like that there’s still a little warmth in the air so walking the dog is joy.

We have such spectacular scenery in the West Coast of Scotland and that coupled with the glorious autumn light makes taking photographs irresistable. The sunsets are almost too red, the leaves are turning fabulous shades of  amber and the golden hour, that time just before the sun says goodnight, really is golden.

This is a great time to take outdoor pictures of your children or pets. The sun in autumn doesn’t get too high for portrait photographs until about 11am and it’s staring to drop again by about 4.30pm. Dress  up in coats and boots and let your children catch the falling leaves or traipse through the piles of leaves that have already fallen.

Why not go bramble (blackberry) picking in the woods near Ardgowan Estate at Inverkip. You could do a photostory, starting with the empty boxes, then a picture of the bushes full of brambles, then one of all the hands picking the brambles, the empty bushes, full boxes, close ups of brambles and even a picture of what you do with them. If you make an apple and bramble crumble save me a bit!

It’s also fun to create sillhouettes with those amazing sunsets. Use graphic objects that are recognisable even in two dimensions, bikes are great for this.

I hope this post has inspired you to go off and create some awesome autumn memories for yourself.

Enjoy your Toddler






So your big boy or girl has started  school and now your toddler is feeling a bit out of sorts. It’s understandable, they’ve lost their playmate. So make this time special. After all it won’t be long before they start school too.


baby boy with spanner



When my son, Ciaran, started school it was the first time my daughter, Lara had me all to herself. Well for two days anyway. I was still working Tuesday to Thursday. We made Fridays our special day. As soon as  we dropped Ciaran off at school Lara and I would take our dog Bru for a walk. This was his ‘good’ walk for the week. Somewhere he could roam free  and run  and then afterwards Lara would pick a cafe to have lunch in.  These were special times for Lara and I took loads of pictures of her. I didn’t want her to forget. I wanted to create a catalogue of memories where she was the main feature.


girl sucking thumb

Why not show your toddler how special they are  and create your catalogue of memories by making a fun fine-art image with me at Angel Images.



Our multi image frame is the perfect  partner to showcase all the crazy faces, funny walks and kooky clothes that your toddler loves. We can create images in the studio either with our props or you can bring favourite toys we can go outside to the studio playground (weather dependent)


angel_images children's photographer inverclyde_flower_baby

Our special ‘Enjoy!’ Sessions are only £35 and includes either a desk frame or a digital image.

‘Enjoy!’ Sessions are only available Monday to Friday between 10am and 2pm

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Easter Holiday Fun


boy with bow

This Easter don’t let the thought of bored kids drive you up the wall. Book a free fun photoshoot at the Angel Images studio in Greenock. Our Easter shoots are all about your childs personality. So if they want to jump or sing or blow up balloons then bring them here. Let them bang drums or play a guitar or dance around in a princess outfit.  In short let them blow off some steam while I take fantastic images of them. While all this craziness is happening you can relax in our viewing area with a nice cuppa and some snacks. Looking forward to seeing you here.

To be eligible pop on over to my facebook page and complete the details to download your coupon