Back to School photoshoots

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Back to School photo-shoots

Are you like me? Do you promise that every year you are going to get a decent picture of the kids in uniform before they go back to school and then never find the time. Or will your kids refuse to put their uniform on for you until school starts so that you can take a picture. So you end up like everybody else, (including me!) doing the last minute phone shot on the doorstep before running to catch the bell on the first day.

Let this year be the year you do it differently. This year create a back to school photograph that you will be proud to show off for years to come. Let this be the school picture that your children love when they’re all grown up and want to show their own children.

Special Offergirl in school uniform reading book on antique couch

Why not bring your little ones to our back to school special offer. The school room will be set up between July 17th and August the 9th 2017. The table, the books, the pencils and the apples and maybe a few other items will all be there, all you need to do is bring your little one in uniform.

Session fees are only £35 (instead of the usual £55/75) and includes a hand mounted 10 inch print of your choice. 

There will also be a special price list and unique  products to allow you to gift all your friends and family.




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girl in school uniform reading a book on a pile of books girl and boy in school uniform with an apple