Dog Portrait of the Year

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 Why not pop along to the studio this autumn and enter our fantastic  Dog Portrait of the Year competition. There’s a £250 cash prize for the winner. The competition will be judged in early December which means the prize money is a handy bonus.

As a dog lover, I’m ‘mum’ to a 12 year old collie cross, dog welfare is hugely important to me. Unfortunately despite extensive campaigns, hundreds of puppies are still abandoned after Christmas. Donating to the dogs trust means these dogs have somewhere to go and a chance at a forever home.

The dog portrait of the year competition is really easy to enter. Simply contact the studio either using the contact page on this website or by calling 07932764963 , make an appointment. The studio is open every weekday and by appointment at weekends. Bring your dog along for the session and make your donation into the yellow collecting tin. Come back a few days later to choose your competition entry.

Keep up with dog portrait of the year developments on my face book page and on twitter @theimageangel.

To find out more about what the Dogs Trust does visit their website here

Dog portrait of the year