Easter already!!!

fashion style image with bunny ears

Easter Already!!!

Ok so the image above wasn’t shot recently – but it’s a great image for an Easter blog post don’t you think. Shooting fashion is great fun and soon I’ll be offering supermodel styled sessions to everybody. i’m working on a great portfolio at he moment with women who are just like you – just great mums, or hard working business owners, or entrpreneurs or volunteers. With this new service you can all be Supermodels for a day. Look out for the big competition launch.


Anyway – here’s a round-up of some of the things I’ve been up to. It’s been a fun 3 or 4 months.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some old clients from when the studio was in Beith. Ayrshire, I also had a great time photographing one very lucky wee boy with his grandparents.

In February I invited Laura and Darrin back to the studio with their 3 gorgeous children and in March I saw the return of Luke Danskin Psychic medium to the Beacon.

I’ve also had the winner and some runners up from the Blue Monday facebook competition that I ran in January. I had great fun designing their photoshoots in the new timeless style

And finally – my little Lara posed for me for the start of what I hope will eventually end up as my Associate panel for the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and the National Photographic Society.

father with newborn baby girlA love like no other

Total adoration flowing between dad and daughter.
Adele and Luca have just had a brand new baby daughter Alessia,  adding a sister for their 3 year old girl Analucia. It was a treat to see how lovely and grown up  Ana is now and I think her sister is going to be just as wonderful.

portrait of granddad with grandsonGrandpa’s boy

Rory turned 1 in November and David and Naeomi thought it would be lovely to remember this time by having some gorgeous keepsake photographs taken with each of their parents. I can tell this boy is going to be spoiled rotten – but hey that’s what grandparents are for!

It was so nice to meet Rory’s grandparents and to see Rory again. We did the shoots over a two week period and in that time Rory learned to walk by himself. This is what photographs are for – to record all those milestones.

girl lying in wicker chair Sara moon style

 New product coming soon

Laura is such a great advocate of the studio that I thought she should be the first person to test out my new product.I asked her along to create some styled images that we could then print and have hardboard mounted by my local framer and presented in a bespoke locally handmade wooden box  with a small easel to display each print.

The boxes will hold up to 10 images and will make a stunning addition to your home decor. I hope to pick up the prototype of the box next week  so look out for photos on the facebook http://www.facebook.com/imageangel and instagram pages


Luke Danskin http://www.lukedanskin.com

When I did his head-shots late last year Luke had mentioned something about having some stage shots taken. Well we did it. Yes folks I stood on stage – a thing I’ve not done since I stopped tap dancing about 11 years ago. What a scary, exciting rush!



  girl lying in a bed of flowers

Blue Monday Competition winner

Maureen won my Blue Monday competition back in January. She decided to bring her gorgeous grand daughter Amy to a styled fineart meets fashion photoshoot. Styled photoshoots are a great way for you to get some really original and timeless art. All you need to do is answer a few questions and I go off and source outfits and props to create your original piece. Amy had a lot of fun playing dress up and pretending to be a fashion model for the day and her gran has a beautiful 24 inch framed print to remember her grand-daughter. I’m sure this will be come an heirloom piece.

girl in tulle dress playing the violin

girl with violin in black and white photographed through netting

 The start of my Associate panel (perhaps?)

I’m very lucky to have a willing model in my own daughter. I can’t always persuade her to come and play but when she does we always create magic. This image was a test of an idea I’d like to develop for my Associate panel. I don’t know where it will lead to eventually. All I know at the moment is that it will involve stringed instruments ie violin, cello, maybe piano and guitar a little movement and a fine art feel with textures and overlays like netting over the lens or in front of the subject. I’d love to shoot it on film but I think my darkroom is a long way off being built.

 Fathers day  – June 18th 2017

Just a heads up! It will be here before you know it. Look out for my competition to create a special art piece for your favourite man – I’ll make it so that he can have it on all his gadgets too!