Just call me Bond…

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The making of a  ‘mini’ Bond

My son rarely allows me to take his photograph. I usually have to bribe him with promises of lego and toy cars to get him front of the camera even for a second. So I was a bit surprised when he thrust the ipad under my nose and asked if I could take his picture… like this!

I looked down to see the opening credits of every James bond film ever made. Oh yes, my son’s latest craze is the Bond movies.  I have no idea where this fascination comes from. One day he was all loom bands and minecraft then all of a sudden the next day he was talking about Aston Martins, BMW’s and every other Bond car.

Anyway back to the shoot.

First thing I noticed was the lighting. Bond is semi silhouetted in all of them but Ciaran decided he wanted to be more visible so I lit him with a gridded stripbox, slightly feathered. My studio is quite narrow and white so controlling light can be a bit tricky at times. However, with the gridded strip box on low power I can contain the light to a narrow beam without ligting the background or having it reflect off the far wall.  I also noticed that there is a kiss of highlight runing downthe edge of  Bonds cheek and jawline so I added a second light with a set of gridded barn doors to achieve this.

Now onto costume. In the first three, Bond wears a hat which  was a no no, Ciaran only wears hats when it ‘s really cold.  But by the time it’s Roger Moores turn the hat is out of favour. So we thought we’d go with one of his poses.   Nest thing we noticed is that Bond wears a suit in the opening credits. Now Ciaran is only 8 and doesn’t have a suit. I shouldn’t think many 8 year olds do! However, he is tall for 8 and I have a wardrobe full of suit jackets from my college lecturing days. We only had to roll the sleeves up a bit, and it was a bit big across the shoulders but hey, James Bond’s a tough guy, I’m sure he works his delts! I’m afraid his school trousers had to do for the bottom half of the suit. They’re dark grey but it was the best we had.  To complete the look I found a velcro on collar and bow tie from my prop box (I know, I know my prop box is full of weird things but they do come in handy sometimes!) and one of his water pistols made an excellent fake Walther PPK.

He had a few goes – he had to do the walk and hum the tune at the same time before turning. Sometimes the water pistol was too high and sometimes a bit too low. Other times he just lost his balance but he got there in the end.

So I give you…

Ciaran Bond