Shooting my sister!

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New headshots needed!

Losing 5 stone means it’s time to experience new makeover photoshoot service

One of the new services we will be offering shortly is fantastic pampering makeover photoshoot service. The old kitchen is now just an empty shell with a boiler but I have big plans for it. It will become an oasis of calm and tranquility where my make-up artists will perform their magic to enhance your features and make you more you. However, at the moment the makeover service is still ‘in beta’ as the web folks say.

But I’ve not been idle, while the makeup room is transformed I’m working on a portfolio of photographs of ordinary women and one of those ordinary women was my  gorgeous little sister. Haha, she’s only a year younger than me but it’s funny to call her my wee sister. However for years she was actually my ‘big’ sister.

Susan had always been a bit on the big side despite being fairly active. Motherhood and the ‘forties’ had taken their toll as well and over the years she had found her weight creeping up and up.

Last year she decided enough is enough! She joined Slimming World in Kilwinning and has lost a whopping 5 stone. I can’t believe how fantastic she looks.

I usually have to beg my sister to model for me but this time she was happy to be one of my makeover portfolio girls. She’s not a natural model and gets nervous in front of the camera (don’t we all!) so yes there are a lot of out-takes with funny expressions and blinks. I think it’s probably harder modelling for your sister than a complete stranger and we laugh too much in between shots because getting into the poses is just hilarious. But I think you’ll agree despite all the madness she does look stunning in these images.

The other reason I ask my sisters to model for me is for purely selfish means. In this digital age we take a lot of pictures – selfies, nights out, at events you name it there’s a photographic record. but these pictures don’t get printed, they just exist on a card or in a phone. I have a mission to have prints of my sisters and my cousins and my nieces and nephews so that when my kids have kids of their own they can find an old shoebox and marvel at what we wore and how we looked.



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