Fashion and Make-over

Beautiful You

How would you like to be photographed today?


 Session fee £99

Session fee includes consultation time, 1.5 hours with hair and make-up artist, 2 hour photoshoot, private reveal of images and £100 to spend on products


It all starts with a consultation. This is where we have a chat about how you want to be photographed. The consultation can take  place either at the studio or at a convenient location to you—maybe a café near your work. You can decide to be photographed in simple jeans and shirt right through to the most glamorous evening dress.

Remember—its all about you!

At this time I’ll either take or ask you to send me a quick selfie. This is for my hair and makeup artist so that they can decide on the best palette of colours and makeup to bring. At the end of the consultation we’ll set a date and time for your photoshoot.


lady having make up on


Why not arrange it for when you know you have a night out or just arrange to have a night out after your photoshoot because you will be seriously gorgeous.

Don’t worry about the makeup being too much. My makeup artists will work with you to create a look that’s perfect for you.

This isn’t about making you look ‘all dolled up’ it’s about enhancing your natural beauty.


After your hair and makeup is done just the way you like it We’ll have a short break for drinks and snacks.

There’s always plenty of hot and cold drinks in the studio. I’ll ask you about favourite snacks at the consultation so I can get those in for you. Anything from cheese and onion crisps to spicy pakora could be on the menu. Whatever you like!

Then it’s time to get the photoshoot underway. This is the fun part of the day. Let me guide you into the most flattering poses for your body type and shape. Watch as I move the studio lights into the best position to ensure that you are accented perfectly.


Finally you will  be invited back to view the images you created on our cinema screen. This is definitely the most exciting part of the process. Bring hankies because I can guarantee that you will never have  seen yourself looking so beautiful. These will be images that you will want to treasure forever.


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