Our timeless children's portrait sessions that we create are an absolute treat for you. These stunning, styled fine-art images will create memories for you today and be part of your children's and grandchildren's futures. Won't it be lovely to have your grandchildren ask 'Gran - is that really you?' Or 'Papa - how old were you in that picture?' and for that picture to look as timeless in 30 or 40 years as it does today. At Angel Images we don't just take pictures we make pictures that you will treasure for lifetimes.

girl wearing a tulle dress learning to play violin
younggirl on a sea of clouds holding a pink ballon

How does it work?

Before each session I will either call you or invite you to a consultation either at the studio or at a place convenient to you. Cafe's are always a favourite. The consultation can be as long or as short as you like however the more information you can give me about your likes and dislikes then the better I will be able to style your shoot to create something truly timeless and unique. After our  conversation about your likes and dislikes and what you'd like to create at your portrait session, I will go off and source some lovely clothing items and find some props to create a special piece of fashion styled heirloom art for you. These sessions are the ultimate in simplicity because you don't need to worry about what to wear or what to do.  Although I try to make these sessions as unique as possible I do find that I'm often asked to repeat ideas - but dont worry - your child will make the whole experience different and special.

The consultation is  also a time for you to ask me questions. Eg you might want to know about the studio if we aren't meeting there. You might want to know if you can bring your  own props - the answer is yes as long as I can fit it in the studio. Musical instruments are a popular choice.   You can also bring your own clothing if you have an idea for a particlar outfit.  My props cupboard is ever growing  with vintage toys, flowers, books and all manner of paraphernalia. You may also want to know if the pictures always have to be old fashioned - they don't but I'm trying to create a timeless quality so that the image wont date in 2, 5 or even 40 years. Won't it be lovely to be able to pass these images on to your grandchildren.

Girl with a violin vinatage style
girl with flowers on cream background

This clothing guide may be a help when you are choosing outfits for your photo shoot

Next steps

After your consultation and when we have agreed a date for your photoshoot I will book your date in the diary and send a payment request for the deposit. The deposit secures your session date. Due to the nature of these shoots, because of all the setting up of clothing and props, I only run one styled session per day, so the deposit is the entire session fee. If for any reason you cannot make your session - please contact me as soon as possible. Children get ill at the drop of a hat - (so do adults as I found out last winter!) and we can always reschedule for when everybody is better. If  you just fail to turn up then I'm sorry your deposit will be forfeit . However, I will do my utmost to remind you of your future session by sending you a series of reminders either to your email address or text messages or both if you like. 


girl with violin in black and white photographed through netting
girl on antique white wicker lloyd loom chair with sunflowers sarah moon style

Your session day

On the day of your photoshoot, I will have the studio ready for our first set up.  You will be able to take your child or children into our bathroom or changing room to get ready or if you need more space I can close the curtains in the viewing room and we can use that as an impromptu changing area. I keep plenty of tea and coffee, soft drinks and snacks in the viewing area too just in case you get thirsty or peckish. Let me know your favourite snacks and I'll pop out and get them.  My favourites are the mini Thorntons millionaire shortbreads at the moment - yum!

The session may take a couple of hours - especially if there are a few children and a number of changes. I will always be mindful of the children's mood - especially with little ones and we will stop before they get upset or too tired. One of the questions I'll ask you during the consultations is about your children's nap times and what time of day they are at their best. Then we'll schedule the session around them so that they are ready to play.

Your photoshoot should be great fun. Don't worry if the kids aren't doing what I say exactly. It's my job to get them into the position I want or to look a certain way, it may take a few attempts but I'll get there and if I don't it's not the end of the world, I'll just do a different thing. Don't worry - I'll get some stunning images even if it looks like total chaos.

While you're children are being photographed feel free to browse the various products    Favourite items for these type of sessions are The quad gallery, gallery style framed prints and the folio box. The sessions are designed around creating beautiful art pieces and these products are the perfect medium to showcase your investment.


girl lying in wicker chair Sara moon style
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Glasgow photographers Sisters in Xmas angel outfits shot by greenock photographer angel images

Your viewing

At the end of your photoshoot we'll discuss when you'd like to come back to view your images. This is usually a few days after your photoshoot.  The viewing is the best bit and the worst bit of the whole experience because you get to see the lovely art that your children have created but you also have to choose which ones you'd like to hang on the wall or have in a portfolio box or even  choose to have as a digital version. Before coming back have a think about  which wall spaces you have and what sizes you might like. If you send me a picture of the walls taken straight on then my fancy viewing software can superimpose your chosen image onto the virtual wall to give you an idea of what it would look like.

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If you'd like to find our more about our timeless styled sessions get in touch either by calling Angela on 07932 764963 or use the contact form below