A very special maternity shoot

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I love doing maternity shoots, but this maternity shoot will always be my favourite.  Due to various health concerns Sarah has struggled to carry a baby to full term, in fact she has had eleven miscarriages. But this little bump of hers was determined to go the distance and I was delighted to eventually be able to do the maternity shoot I always said I would.

We did the shoot in the studio. This allowed Sarah to take rests in between poses, to put her feet up and to cool down.  It’s a little known fact that pregnant ladies generate their own little furnaces and standing posing can be quite exhausting.  Sarah was absolutely fantastic, despite her pains caused by various health troubles she managed to stand in the maternity poses and even do some lying down shots. Now I remember when I was pregnant with Lara, if someone had suggested I lie down they better be ordering a crane to hoist me back up!

Sarah is a truly remarkable person, because despite her own losses she works tirelessly for the charity Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity. She organises benefits and pageants to help with their vital fundraising.

Not only that she is studying for a degree in psychology and she also has two gorgeous little girls to look after

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To find out more follow this link  https://www.uk-sands.org/.

I wish her well for the last few weeks of her pregnancy and I can’t wait to meet her wee boy when he is born. I hope Sarah is well enough to bring him along with his big sisters for a very special newborn shoot.