A very special newborn shoot

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Possibly my favourite newborn shoot of all time.

Not because it was easy, no no no, it took almost 4 hours to settle Xander. He was far too interested in what was going on and all my heat pads, white noise and overmilking weren’t going to change that. But it will be my favourite just because it happened. Baby Xander, is Sarah from the maternity shoots new addition to her family. If you read her story you’ll know that she has endured 11 lost pregnancies one after the other.  The fact that she kept going to create this lovely wee bundle amazes me.  He is perfect in every way and his big sisters just adore him.

Because Xander’s dad used to be an electrician in the army we did some images of Xander in his dad’s old helmet with a couple of battery cases and the poppy. It was, after all, very close to armistice day.  army helmet, newborn

Sarah also asked if I could take one of him with dad holding him. Normally I ask dad’s to remove watches and other jewellery but the two bands are quite sinificant and have huge meaning for Sarah and Alex.  One is Alex’s Afghanistan band the other is Sarah’s Fibromyalgia band.  In years to come, I hope Xander asks his parents about them.

baby in dad's arms

I am looking forward to seeing this wee chappie grow up. I know he will be loved and cherished like no other child because he took so much effort to get here.