Creating the perfect piece of art for you starts with the consultation.
At the consultation I will show you a range of images to determine which style appeals to you most. You may think the classic Jet black range of studio portraits is for you or the simple diamond white style may be a better fit. Perhaps all black and white images would suit you better. Perhaps you are looking for a more fashion look or maybe something totally different.  This is why the consultation is so important.
After you have chosen a style or styles, we will discuss your decor and what sort of products may fit well in your home. For example my home is Georgian – it suits framed art and canvasses in a classic fine-art style. However in a more modern home acrylics and metal prints would look stunning.
Finally we will talk about suitable clothing choices for your chosen style. In general simple clothes are better in portraits than anything too fancy. Big logos detract the eye away from the person as do overly bright colours. If it is a family portrait then I will ask you to co-ordinate your outfits as best as you can. This doesn’t mean you all wear identical clothes, just co-ordinate your colour pallette. If we will be doing outdoor portraits then my advice is dress for the weather as well. it is Scotland after all!