The photo shoot is the fun part of the experience. I will have the studio prepared for your chosen style well beforehand and I will be waiting to welcome you at the front door. All full sessions have a half day booking, to give you time to relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera. It also gives you time to be a little late! Having had two children myself I know that sometimes getting out the door can be challenging. Babies will always want feeding or their nappy changed just as you step out of the door, perfectly clean toddlers will decide to draw all over themselves and teenagers will have a wardrobe crisis. Having lots of time to spare means that there is no rush during your session.  This is especially important for children and pets as the studio can seem quite daunting at first.

It is my job to make you, your children and your pets look as good as possible so I will move you and move the lights to ensure the best possible images. You will also see me using a funny little instument to measure the light output, again this is to ensure that your images are exposed perfectly.

There are drinks and snacks available in the viewing area and you are welcome to help yourself to these before during and after your photoshoot. Posing can be quite exhausting and maybe a wee cup of tea or a juice would be quite the thing before you head home.