The best hot chocolate in Inverclyde (according to Lara!)

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Now before we get started – this is not a definitive list in fact it’s not even a very big list. Lara and I don’t get to run away from the boys in our family very often and this was most definitely a girls only escapade. So far we’ve managed to visit 5 lovely local independent cafes but there are loads more we love already so if we didn’t get to you this time we will be visiting just as soon as we can.

Why are we doing this? Who knows? It started as one of those nutty conversations you have with your almost ten year old daughter that gets taken to the next level.

table of five cafes n inverclyde who serve hot chocolate

Lara decided it would be fun to award chocolate bean points for taste, marshmallows for delivery and looks and ticks for ambience.

As you can see there’s not a lot of difference between them so I think no matter where you are in Inverclyde you are bound to get a great mug of hot chocolate.

Her favourite was Finestra in Kilmacolm because the serving wasn’t too huge and because the café is doggy friendly.

We didn’t have our dog with us but we may make a point of popping in with her one day.

She loved the ‘see through’ cup (glass mug) that One Cove Road used but missed the cream and marshmallows. She thought this was a proper grown ups sort of hot chocolate but she said it tasted great. The view got good marks as well. If you pop into One Cove road you’ll see why. It’s a really tranquil spot just at the edge of the Battery park where Greenock becomes Gourock.

Hot chocolate at 3 sisters bake in quarriers village

3 sisters bake in Quarriers village got the thumbs up for being the most interesting café we visited.

She loved the colouring in page she was given and thought the green cup was funny. 3 sisters bake has a whole load of different seating options. Everything from comfy sofas to old school assembly chairs. Lara chose one of the sofas to sit on so they also got an extra mark for comfort. It may have been different if we’d gone on a busier day!


Fresh in Gourock was a bit of a last minute change as we’d intended to go to Flava – only because we regularly visit Fresh in Greenock. However Flava is in the middle of refurbishments which meant we had to change plans. Fresh was in the middle of  preparing to close as it was getting close to 4pm when we arrived however the girls quickly served us. Excellent customer service.

Her favourite thing was the Rudolph that had been drawn round the fire alarm – brilliantly creative !

Cardwell garden centre is a perennial favourite (see what I did there?) not because we’re keen gardeners but because of the lovely craft shop and gift shop. A trip to the craft shop usually includes a trip to the restaurant for lunch or a snack. Lara thought the hot chocolate here tasted most like home hot chocolate – I wonder if they use Cadbury’s as well.


So if you’re out and about either having lovely wintery walks in our beautiful countryside or doing a spot of Christmas shopping, perhaps you’ll be able to try one of our favourite cafes or you could tell me about your favourite café’s below and Lara and I will pop along  - we don’t need much of an excuse!